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  1. Dave

    Hi, restoring a ’68 P11A, interested if anyone has parts for sale ?
    speedo, tacho, headlight complete, front and rear guards, pipes (low) , silencers, tank badges …

  2. JEFF

    Hi .. I have an original Paul Dunstall fibreglass race tank..and race seat which takes a pillion plus both side covers. RHS intergrated with larger oil tank for extreme cooling . It is silver with 2 blue stripes running along them. It is in good condition, but paintwork has been weathered and chipped. Can I get some feedback as to whether or not I should try to touch it up which may not look great… or would it be detrimental to its history to do a professional respray, but to another black. I have had them since the late 70s. . Chèers Jeff

  3. David Bernard: Wellington: New Zealand

    hi guys. I used to be an active member – until my marriage break up forced other priorities. Reason for my email? I have a lot of (probably) rare articles, photos and information which I am very happy to pass on to the club, so that it can be shared. Big collection of articles about John Player Norton bikes and racing team, 750 Norvil production racer. And also a big collection of articles about the “Dommiracer” history, and the “TransAtlantic series”.

    Am very happy to share this info with individuals on request – or submit material to the club, so that it can be held centrally.
    Whatever seems best (?) Cheers: David Bernard

  4. murray green

    hi I own a 1946 es2 plunger I am having a hard time getting wheel bearings for my bike.they seem a different size from swingarm and ridgids,.
    od imp 1.74,id 0.62 approx. thank you murray green

  5. Alastair Meares

    Hello ,I am looking for two parts one ,a early commando frame the one with the centre stand mounted on the cross member under the gear box for a s type bike secondly a good 850 cylinder head thank you

  6. Bennie

    Greeting dear Norton friends-of-the-flightless-kind, just in case you have nothing to do in winter, make those upside-down Nortons of you fly for once and hop over to the lowest-of-the-low-lands and visit the 40th anniversary rally of the Dutch Norton Club Nederland, check their website for info, it’s all there in limeyspeak for your convenience, no efforts spared, should you be near Holland by chance, but with no Norton, you are welcome just as well, cheers, Bennie, webmaster NCN.

  7. Bruce Chant

    Spark plugs
    Thay arnt what thay used to be.Back in the early 90s i found NGK and a lot of other plugs oiled up in a matter of minuts and were never any good after that.I would go to the wreckers and grab all the champions i could out of the wreacks.Stands to reason these plugs were goining under duress.Must be good and they never gave me a problem after that.
    Today,what can i say? My Model 7 (steel head 1/2″ plug) WS man says champion N5–NGK b6es.The champion N5 is a long reach and the NGK turned out to be N86JC or some blody thing that lasted about 15 seconds of smooth running.I nailed the champion down to a walm short reach and it lasted for about 10 minutes.(one is still going)During all of this i have been useing a coupl a old dunger plugs totaly rong for it but a good test to keep it in the plug problem.
    I thort i was a top mechanic.Alas i now ask for your help.What can i do and where can i go (nz preferably).New pistons&rings,sleaved back to STD,crank grind and shells,carb right&jetted to the book.Engine runs beutifully and smooth.Still a bit of smock due to running in i suspect.20 mile done so far.To scared to take it out with this problem.
    I also see im not the only one to be haveing this isue
    Put this in the mag also please.
    Kind regards Bruce

    1. RichardR

      You haven’t said what type of fuel you are using. Have you tried Avgas:91 at 1:5 or thereabouts? And yes, I’ve had trouble with plugs that foul then won’t work well even after they’ve been cleaned or even sandblasted.

  8. George Brennan

    Hello Fellow Norton owners, I live in NSW Australia and I have just obtained a running 1940 WW2 Big 4 outfit( barn find) and inquiries here have revealed it to be the fifth one in Australia to date, I have learned that there are 2 remaining in N.Z. and would like to get in contact with these owners. I have a few parts to chase up and they might be of some assistance. If you know of them would someone be able to forward my email address onto them or theirs to me. Not many of these outfits have survived the years and help would be much appreciated. Regards George Brennan. email address is

    1. Admin NOC

      George, congratulations on the find. Not sure if you have come across it yet but there is a great site for the WD machines at
      We can put your enquiry in our newsletter, the next issue is under prep at the moment, and hopefully you will get some feedback. It may also be worth giving Ken McIntosh a call.
      best of luck

      1. Bill Kersey

        Hi , I was an active member a few years back until I had to move overseas. Having to leave my comm behind it was dismantled and the mechanical parts dropped into a 44drum of diesel (yuk) the rest left to deteriorate, there it sat in a barn for 20 yrs as was always coming back . Back now, Currently doing ground up rebuild Am looking at renewing membership (old number 41) At that at time resided in the naki., now in bop, looked at your web site and there doesn’t seam to be much activity in events, but/sell parts, info forum etc or am I missing something here, is the club still active? Any other members in bop?
        Lftyr rgds Bill

        1. Diane Osborne

          Hi Bill, I put a couple of newsletters in the post to you, happy reading 🙂 look forward to you rejoining the club. On our contact page is a list of the local area reps, if you give your area rep a call/email he’ll let you know of any rides etc. Cheers, Diane


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